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Fri Jul 1 08:43:04 EST 1994

In article <2uvk4b$rap at> jeasaw at (Jacob Easaw) writes:
>Can someone suggest some good calcium and potassium channel references 
>for me.  I am interested in their physiology and modulation in neurons.

There are now a very large number of references that fall into this
category dating from the late 70's on.  My suggestion for "beginning"
your reading would be to get a copy of Bertil Hille's book (second
edition) titled, "Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes" (Sinauer 
Associates).  This a very readable yet concentrated source of information
on ion channel physiology (and to a lesser extent modulation) in general.
The references in the book are solid and well chosen and can provide a
number of good starting places in the original literature.

Another book to focus more on modulation would be...

Kaczmarek, L.K. and Levitan, I.B. (eds.)  Neuromodulation: The Biochemical
Control of Neuronal Excitability.  Oxford University Press.  1987.

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