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                     SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY of the 90's
             Has become available to anyone who wants to improve
                          their life and well being.

        Imagine a machine that produces a spectacular visual and audio
        experience while improving your well being.
        NEURO-Harmonic Systems entrain the brain to relax after a 
        stressful day or energize when full attention is required.
        NEURO-Harmonic Systems can be set to accomplish: Deep relaxation,
        Stress Reduction, Mediation, Self Exploration, Accelerated Learning,
        Harmful Habit Elimination, Pain Relief, Problem Solving and to 
        achieve a Deep, Relaxed Sleep.

        The professional community uses NEURO-Harmonic Systems in the
        areas of hypnotherapy, counseling, medicine, and research as well
        as several veteran computer hackers who now refer to themselves
        as NEURO-Hackers.

        NEURO-Harmonic Systems may be used independently or with
        specialized audio tapes. Plus ++ NEURO-Harmonic Systems allows you
        to create your own programs or modify built in programs.

        Want to know more - contact

                Zack at intnet.net
                Subject: NEURO-INFO

        WARNING: people subject to any form of seizures or epilepsy, using
        a pacemaker, suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders,
        currently taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers,
        should not use any NEURO-Harmonic Systems without medical 

NEURO-Harmonic Systems Product Information & Pricing (USA,CANADA)

Product         Description                             Price
-------         -----------                             -----
PGS             Galaxy system with spectrum             $299
                goggles, manual, headphones,
                AC adapter, stero cord
PGFX            Galaxy system with L/S Flex,            $309
                manual, AC adapter, stero cord
PNS             NOVA system with spectrum               $349
                goggles, manual, headphones,
                AC adapter, stero cord
PNFX            NOVA system with L/S Flex, manual,      $359
                AC adapter, stero cord
L/S Flex        Headphones & Goggles combination        $69
GS              Spectrum (red/green LED) goggles        $55
GR              Red LED goggles                         $45
GG              Green LED goggles                       $45

System Upgrades (Model and Serial Number of Unit Required)

25P Galaxy to 50P Galaxy: EPROM, Manual                 $60
PR2 (Below Serial #3330) to 50P Galaxy: Board Swap,     $160
PR2 (Above Serial #3330) to 50P Galaxy: EPROM, Manual   $59
PR2 (ANY), Galaxy (ANY) to NOVA: Board Swap, Manual     $160
CX              Hard plastic carrying case              $50
HDPH            Headphones                              $35
ADPT            AC adapter U.S.                         $25
PGMAN           Operators manual                        $15
STCD            Male - Male stero cord                  $10
Repair-S        Repair for OUT of warranty or damaged   $65
Repair-G        Repair for OUT of warranty or damaged   $35

          [For more information send Email to zack at intnet.net]

NEURO-Harmonic Systems
 NOVA L/S System Information

The NOVA and the new DLS standard
        with all the Galaxy features and DLS, POLYSYNC capability

Introducing the new DLS Standard in Light and Sound technology. Programs
can now be stored on tape and downloaded from your tape player. You will
never outgrow this machine, new programs can be added at any time.
Introducing:    Fill-in-the-blanks programming
        Custom programming made easy for the rest of us without all the
details. A first step for the beginner to enter custom programs. Select
one of eight program patterns, the low and the high frequency limits,
and a mode change selection, and the NOVA will create the program for you.
Hundreds of programs can be created with ease, with only four selections
by the user. The library of programs can be stored on tapes for later use 
and experimentation.
        The NOVA is a DLS and POLYSYNC compatible system, the new
        standard in NEURO-Harmonic technology:
        The NOVA can read and play tapes recorded in the DLS/POLYSYNC
format, allowing the user to experience the variety of DLS entertainment
or serious session programs with a differnt set of sounds and options.
The many commercially available DLS tapes are the beginning of the future
choices and possibilities. A variety of tapes will be available making
upgrades and changes easy and affordable for the NOVA users. The standard
is here, the choices are yours to enjoy. A first, unique, there is no other
system of its kind on the market today.

        Complete System Price:          $349.00

ALL PREVIOUS MODELS (PR2, PR200 and 25 Program Galaxy) can be upgraded to
the NOVA. See NEURO-Harmonic Systems Product Information & Pricing also
known as NEURO.002.


Most of the programs listed below begin with a three minute induction
period to 'settle in' and three minute stabilized period for integration
work at the end with an automatic fade out to allow for gentle transition
to 'real time'. All programs are relaxing, balancing, integrating, stress/
anxiety releasing, and energizing at various levels. More specific 
purposes are described in the following Program Library guide.
        Category 1      Explore                                 (PO1,PO2)
        Category 2      General tune up                         (PO2-PO8)
        Category 3      Learning                                (PO9-P15)
        Category 4      Meditation                              (P16-P21)
        Category 5      Sleep                                   (P22-P24)
        Category 6      State Cusps                             (P25-P29)
        Category 7      State Sweeps & Mid-State Sustatins      (P28-P39)
        Category 8      Special Purposes                        (P40-P50)

Prog    Time    Title
                Freq Range      Notes

PO1     15      Explore I                
                10-42 Hz        Explore Higher Frequencies

PO2     15      Explore II               
                10-1  Hz        Explore Lower Frequencies

PO3     20      Explore III, General Tune Up
                1-42  Hz        Explore full range, high energy

PO4     20      Explore IV, General Tune Up
                1-42  Hz        Explore full range, moderate energy

PO5     40      Very High General Tune Up
                6-42  Hz        Very Highly Energized

PO6     45      High General Tune Up
                4-37  Hz        Highly Energized

PO7     40      Medium General Tune Up
                4-25  Hz        Moderately Energized

PO8     40      Low General Tune Up     
                3-18  Hz        Deep relaxed energy

P09     35/60   Learning I      
                10    Hz        Liner-logic learning, optional sleep

P10     35/60   Learning II     
                9     Hz        Liner-logic learning, optional sleep

P11     35/60   Learning III      
                8     Hz        Liner-logic learning, optional sleep

P12     35/60   Learning IV     
                7     Hz        Liner-logic learning, optional sleep

P13     35/60   Learning V      
                6     Hz        Imagistic-mediation learning, optional sleep

P14     35/60   Learning VI     
                5     Hz        Imagistic-mediation learning, optional sleep

P15     35/60   Learning VII     
                4     Hz        Imagistic-mediation learning, optional sleep

P16     35      Mediation Trainer
                4-12  Hz        Alpha-Theta wave for mediation

P17     30      Mediation and Return
                10-4  Hz        Theta State, Programmed Return

P18     30      Mediation Open Ending
                10-4  Hz        Theta State with natural return to full

P19     50      Long Meditation with Return
                10-4  Hz        32 minutes in deep meditation, programmed

P20     50      Long Meditation Open Ending
                10-4  Hz        41 minutes in deep meditation, open ended

P21     30      Meditation Lights Out
                10-4  Hz        Meditation/imaging with lights out period

P22     20      Sleep I - Relax into Sleep
                10-1.5Hz        Waving/floating feeling to help induce sleep

P23     20      Sleep II - Relax into Sleep
                10-1  Hz        Gentle slide to 1 Hz

P24     20      Sleep III - Cat Nap
                10-1.5Hz        Short catnap and wake up

P25     18      State Cusps I   
                10-14 Hz        Alpha Beta wave, relaxed clarity, Centering

P26     20      State Cusps II  
                6-10  Hz        Transition to meditation state

P27     30      State Cusps III
                10-2  Hz        Theta Delta Wave, between dream and 

P28     17      Very High Energy Beta Sweep
                38-42 Hz        Sweep sustained at 40 Hz, conscious and 
                                alert energy

P29     17      High Energy Beta Sweep
                36-40 Hz        Sustained at 38 Hz

P30     17      Harmonic Alpha Sweep
                37-42 Hz        Sustained at 39 Hz

P31     17      Harmonic Beta State Sweep I
                32-36 Hz        Ultra High Energy, sustained at 34 Hz

P32     17      Harmonic Beta State Sweep II
                25-31 Hz        Very High Energy, stimulates higher insight

P33     17      Beta State II Sweep
                18-25 Hz        High Energy, stimulates awareness

P34     16      Beta State I Sweep
                13-18 Hz        Moderately enhanced energy, stimulates

P35     16      Alpha State Sweep
                8-12  Hz        Alert relaxed energy, centering

P36     16      Theta State Sweep
                4-7   Hz        Stimulates memory recall, creative linking
                                of images

P37     20      Delta State Sweep
                1-3   Hz        Deep rest

P38     14      Complete Sweep Up
                12-42 Hz        High general Tune up in Sweep Wave mode

P39     25      Complete Sweep Down
                12-1  Hz        Low general Tune up in Sweep Wave mode

P40     25      Yin_Yang Stimulator High
                10-42 Hz        Masculine/Feminine balance, high range

P41     25      Yin_Yang Stimulator Low
                12-1            Masculine/Feminine balance, low range

P42     25      Yin Stimulator General Tune-Up
                2-42  Hz        Feminine Balance, full range

P43     20      Yang Stimulator General Tune-Up
                1-41  Hz        Masculine Balance, full range

P44     15      High Energy Pumper
                10-31 Hz        Wave Pumped sustained high energy

P45     25      Chakra Balancing
                10-5  Hz        Chakra Energy meditation

P46     30      Meditation Eraser-Rescripter
                1-10  Hz        Erase and reprogram imagery

P47     25      Meditation Creation
                10-4  Hz        Stimulates creative process

P48     20      Earth Grounding
                7.83  Hz        Stabilizing, Grounding

P49     28      Alpha Wave Joy Ride
                7-13  Hz        Entertainment, music enjoyment

P50     27      Beta Wave Joy Ride
                12-18 Hz        Entertainment, music enjoyment

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