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|> >I am looking for any and all information regarding the treatment of
|> migraines
|> >with Imetrix and more specificly the known side effects caused by
|> Imetrix.
|> >Does anyone know about Imetrix?
|> Imitrex (note spelling) is is injectable sumatriptan succinate, a
|> serotonin agonist used for the treatment of migraine made by Cerenex
|> pharmaceuticals (Div. of Glaxo).  The most common side effects are odd
|> sensations, e.g. tingling, numbness, etc, dizziness, flushing and
|> irritation at the injection site.
|> From my own experience, it's the best thing out there for migraine.

An uncle of mine is a rep for Glaxo in the UK, and of course he swears by 
it :-) (It's called Imigran in England).  Seriously though, I read through
all of their product literature and research monographs, and if half of
what they claim regarding its efficacy is true it sounds like something
migraine sufferers may have been waiting for.  I haven't had any personal
experience with it, nor have I spoken with anyone who's had it prescribed,
but their literature was impressive (and also spoke about the exact
side effects the previous followup mentioned).

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