Cortical Architectures

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Fri Mar 4 21:59:12 EST 1994

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 -:>Does anyone have a clue on why the paleocortex has 3 layers and the
 -:>neocortex, 6? In the work I've been doing with models of the olfactory
 -:>system, the three layers appear to have input, processing, and output as
 -:>their functions, but then I'm a dumb engineer...
 -:I'm not sure what you mean by "why," since the brain wasn't designed
 -:by an engineer ( ;-) ) . One can only speculate on the evolutionary
 -:advantage of developing the six-layered cortex, which could fill

Concerning the cortex, does anybody know the evolutionary advantage of
the increased (200,000 instead of 80,000 neur/mm2) density in the 
visual cortex of monkeys and humans?


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