Cortical Architectures

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>> 5. Anyone have a clue as to the function of the cortical
>> neurons that use neuropeptide transmitters? 
>Do you (or anyone else) have any references for peptidergic
>cortical neurons, or are you referring to cortical neurons with
>peptide receptors?

Palmer, Alan M., and Bowen, David M., 'Neurochemical Approaches to
Cognitive Disorders,' 436-466 in Lister and Weingartner, Perspectives on
Cognitive Neuroscience, Oxford, 1991. See the discussion on neuropeptide
messengers on pages 440-441. "The cortical neuropeptides are released upon
depolarization and seem to play a role in slow chemical signaling. They
appear to be localized in one broad class of interneuron, forming
approximately 5 to 10% of the total cortical cell population...."
Palmer and Bowen point at Jones, E. G., 1986, 'Neurotransmitters in the
cerebral cortex,' J. Neurosurgery, 65, 135-153, and at Jones, E. G., and
Hendry, S. H. C., 1988. 'Expression of neuronal diversity in the central
nervous system,' in E. G. Jones, (ed.), Molecular Biology of the Human
Brain, Alan R. Liss, New York, 1988.

I haven't been by the library to chase these down yet....
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