LavVIEW users in neuroscience - contacts wanted

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Wed Mar 16 12:53:05 EST 1994

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> Hi LabVIEW users in neuroscience:
> I have got a PC, AT-MIO-16 I/O board and LabVIEW for Windows. I would like to
> set this system up for intracellular recording. Can anybody help me or share
> a program?

Hi Gerald,

We (In Jerry Pine's lab at Caltech) use LabView on a Mac II and a Mac IIx
to do electrophysiology on cultured neurons.  I am also writing VIs to do
high-speed image acquisition with a custom CCD, using Video VI software. 
Since our computers, hardware and software are different, I probably have
little to offer, and I am new to this myself, but if anyone else is doing
similar stuff to us, let me know!

Steve Potter, Ph.D.
Caltech Division of Biology
spotter at

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