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Marijuana and IQ

Will Nelson wnelson at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon May 9 12:16:44 EST 1994

spbcnsp at ucl.ac.uk (Mr Neville Steven Percy) writes:

>William_Mosco at vos.stratus.com writes:
>>=> murple at ukelele.gcr.com (Murple) wrote:   
>>   Receptors of THC (marijuana) in the brain? 
>>=>...but in 1992 someone discovered previously unknown receptors in the  
>>=>brain that THC bonds to...but no brain chemicals seem to bond to these  
>>=>sites. It is almost as if these sites were specifically meant for THC, as  
>>=>nothing else known bonds to them.  
>> I've read this before; I believe the discovery was made at UCLA.  
>> I've also read that the study was proven inaccurate.  Are there  
>> any health experts out there who could clarify this above study?  

>I know this was pulled off alt.drugs, but I would refer you back there, or to
>alt.hemp -- the folks over there are very knowledgeable, prob. more 
>knowledgeable about the neuroscience of drugs than we neuroscientists are...
>(of course some people are both!).
>There was no known agonist for this receptor, so it must have been a gift from
>God.  Obviously.
>They have now found a compound called anandamide to have agonist action, but I
>don't believe anandamide is endogeneous, so the mystery remains...

>                                                    |  | 

Restak covers this in his new book entitled "Receptors".
He claims that there is an endogenous ligand for the THC receptor.
Will Nelson
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