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Homeopathic xray. Was Re: radiation damage to lower spine

Anthony Campbell acampbell at achc.demon.co.uk
Tue May 10 02:19:11 EST 1994

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> Subject: Homeopathic xray. Was Re: radiation damage to lower spine
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> jne at rice-chex.ai.mit.edu (Jeff Eisen) writes:
> >She has tried nutritional methods, homeopathy including homeopathic
> >x-ray, massage therapy to try to break up the scar tisue, energetic
> >healing, and so forth.
> I'd be interested in details of the practice of homeopathic xray.
> I'd also be interested if someone could explain why we aren't all
> being treated with homeopathic xray  by nature, as we are constantly
> exposed to low dose cosmic radiation, some of which is in the x-ray 
> frequency (or wavelength) range ?.
> Regards,
> Barry.
I think this probably refers to a homoeopathic medicine called x ray.
Like most homoeopathic medicines, this dates from the 19th century. 
It is made by passing x rays through a lactose solution and is taken
orally. It is still used today, mainly to treat the ill effects of
x radiation for cancer.


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