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New Memory Ideas.

Scott D. Peterson scpeters at NMSU.EDU
Mon May 16 00:09:55 EST 1994

My name is Scott Peterson, and I am a nursing student at New Mexico State
Univ.  I also have some hobies.  One of them envolves theoryetical
applications of biologically tailored enhancements for the human body.  IE
a role playing game.  Specifically Shadowrun.  In this game characters are
created and are able to get this 'Bio-Ware' so that they may fight better
etc.  One area that I am looking into for further development is that of
an easy way to get more skills for a character via bio-ware.  It just so
happens that I'm taking BIO 190 and have come up with a neat idea.  You
all out there are the experts and I want to run this by you befor I go and
get realy crazy with it.

So, presuming:

1)  "A conditioned response is a reaction that an animal will have for no
other reason than that it has been trained to do so."

2)  Trainig in a skill involves "...skill memory-which-deals with laerning
a skill."

3)  "Learning is a complex adaptive behavior that is the result of a
combination of genetic inheritance and environment."

4)  "In order for higher animals to learn, certain regions of the brain
are necessary, and the development and function of these regions are
geneticaly controlled."

5)  "Fixed-action patterns consist of several behavioral elements
performed in a ridgid, fixed sequence."

6)  "...instinct involves genetic memory-the existence of information that
can activate and coorinate a species-specific fixed-action pattern that
passes from one generation to another."

7)  "Memory is the storage of information for later recall."

8)  "Researchers have found chemicals that seem to play a role in memory
retention and have detected areas of the brain that appear to be involved
in particular memory skills."

9)  "The molecular machinery for memory seems to be located within
neuro-transmitters, the chemical messages produced by the nerve cells in
the brain."

10)  "...scientists have established the role of receptors on brain cells
in the memory process and have even isolated the genes that code for these

11)  "...short-term memory involves the repeating of a specific
electrochemical circut within the brain."

12)  "Long-Term memory...thought to  to be structural in nature... 

Could it be posible to 'harvest' these chemicles and then reproduce them
so that a 'learned skill memory could be transplanted?

Help me please.

Thanks Scott
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