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digital images of the cerebellum?

Univ.-Ass. DI K. Simonic simonic at bkfug.kfunigraz.ac.at
Tue May 24 02:25:08 EST 1994

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Dear netters,

please allow the following question:

I am currently writing my PhD Thesis and I am looking for digital figures to 
include into the thesis, particularly

- Low-power cross-sectional view of a cerebellar folium,

- 3D illustration of the folium showing the location ond orientation of the
  neurons and fibers and their interconnections,

- Golgi preparations at the light microscope level of the neurons of the 
  cerebellum (Purkinje, Granule, Golgi, Stellate and Basket Cells) like 
  those made by Ramon y Cajal,

- Stereoscopic schematized view or electron micrographs of the cerebellar

- Electron micrographs of the spiny branchlets of the dentritic tree of the 
  Prukinje cell,

- Meshworks of the different cells of the cerebellum,

- Scheme of the afferent and efferent pathways of the cerebellum;
  of the major cerebellar tracts and projections (distribution) of these
  in the cortex of the vermis.

The thesis focuses on the modelling of particular functions of the 
cerebellum by means of neural network methods and gives only an introduction
to the organization of the cerebellar cortex. The scanning of photos or
the creation of drawings is therefore a secondary but time consuming task 
and if possible should be avoided.

Now the question:
     Does anyone have some of the required images which I can kindly use 
     or do you know from where to get them?

Thank you for your efforts 

sincerely yours  Klaus Simonic

|                            Klaus M. Simonic                               |
|              Dept. of Medical Informatics, University of Graz             |
|                 Auenbruggerplatz 9/III, 8036 Graz, Austria                |
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