New WEB site for Science Education

Michael R. Bogdan mrb14 at
Wed Nov 2 09:13:40 EST 1994

SciTech, Inc.

Check out our brand new World Wide Web!

We are a new source for innovative science and technology products and services. 
Our growing list of commercially available stuff includes, Mr. B's Science 
Kits for Kids, Chemistry Camps for Kids, Technical/Science T-shirts and Lunch 
Bags. Check it out!  We got some best-sellers buried in the Web.

We also put in a discovery trail for science education.

This is a beta-test and would love to get your feed-back!

Our Vital Statistics:

SciTech, Inc
200 Innovation Blvd
State College, PA  16803
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Faxola: (814) 234-6864
Snails: SciTech, Inc./ 200 Innovation Blvd./ State College, PA  16803

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