Keeping track of cells on circular glass coverslips?

Dave Pataky pataky at
Sat Nov 5 17:09:35 EST 1994

In article <ladic.301.0019EB69 at>, ladic at (Lance Ladic) wrote:

> I am posting this question on behalf of a colleague of mine:
> Does anyone know a way of marking a *circular, glass* coverslip (e.g. with 
> grids) that will allow for keeping track of cultured cells stuck to the 
> coverslip between washes? (the application is calcium imaging and the imaging 
> machine requires the use of circular coverslips.)

I recently bought some square etched grid glass coverslips from Bellco. 
They have labelled 0.6x0.6mm squares etched on them in a 20x26 grid,
perhaps Bellco also sells round ones.  Or, maybe you could trim them?  If
you think these might do the trick, e-mail me and i'll give you all the
info on where to get them, could also give you a couple to see if you can
make them work.

Dave Pataky
Dept of Zoology, UBC
pataky at

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