Good Grad Programs in Neuroscience/Neurogenetics?

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>  Hi. I'm about to graduate and looking forward to applying for graduate 
>school. My program specialty is neuroscience, and I'd like to ask if anyone
>knows of good places to go, especially programs that have people working on
>neurogenetics (which is my chief interest). I have been looking and it is 
>actually quite difficult to find good programs in this area. Any help would
>be really appreciated!
An extremely good neuroscience program that emphasizes molecular biology is 
offered by the University of Washington in Seattle.  The program head is 
Dr. William Catterall (Chair of the Department of Pharmacology).  His 
address is: 
            Department of Pharmacology SJ-30
            University of Washington
            Seattle, WA 98195
Good Luck.

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