A QUERY> Human spinal cord regeneration?

Tony Safina tony at iglou.iglou.com
Sat Oct 29 20:39:44 EST 1994

Forgive a non-professional posting to this group.  I am posting, however, be-
cause I do not have access to the most current medical literature or anyone
to interpret the research findings to which I do have access.  
     I pose this question because my brother has been a quadriplegic, a high
C-5, since September 1990.
     I have read of studies that have been done with cats and rats (maybe 
mice) concerning spinal cord regeneration and I am wondering if these experi-
ments have been attempted with humans, and if so, have they been successful?
If they have been successful, are there clinical trials going on that a Medi-
care patient would be eligible to join?  If they have not been successful
to date, has there been any speculation as to whether a success is going to
be likely before the end of the 20th century?


				Tony Safina

			Louisville, KY * tony at iglou.com

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