Questions about GABA.

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Desiprimine and buspirone act on GABA receptors. Sale of GABA
itself as an anti-anxiety drug sounds just a small bit dubious,
since the blood-brain barrier probably prevents it from reaching
the inhibitory pre-synaptic terminals where it is needed. The amino
acid glycine functions similarly,  and I haven't seen attempts to
sell it as an anti-anxiety drug.

About Glycine:
I heard about a study, with an interesting hypothesis (Neuroscience
1992, somebody from Israel ?): Glycine also acts on the NMDA
receptor complex and enhances the effects of NMDA. The current
hypothesis on the glutamate involvement suggests decreased
glutamate levels in schizophrenic patients. So, they administered
glycine in huge doses (to force some of it across the BBB) in
schizophrenics. It helped some, but nothing significant. One of the
explanations could be that the glycine site is usually fully
occupied why it is hard to further enhance glutamate tonus that

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