B complex Megadose

Veda Larson vlarson at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Mon Oct 3 22:28:04 EST 1994

In article <10021994093614um at achc.demon.co.uk> acampbell at achc.demon.co.uk (Anthony Campbell) writes:
>Incidentally it may also be undesirable 
>to take "megadoses" of vitamin C, especially for the elderly or sick, since 
>such people may have large iron stores and these interact with vitamin C to 
>generate free radicals and thus increase oxidative damage. ("Nothing too much", 
>as the Classic Greek saying has it...)

What would be considered a "megadose" of Vitamin C?  I think the RDA is
around 60 mg (?), yet 500-mg tablets are common.  Is it a bad idea to be
taking this dose during a cold?

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