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Looks like an interesting subject. You should speak to Interneuron a
company in Lexington, MA about dexfenfluramine. The biggest critics of it
are researchers at Johns Hopkins. It has been used in Europe for over 3
years now. Pondimin has been in use for over 20.

Compliance in taking the drug is what usually screws up the results. To
use a transdermal patch requires doses no larger than 9-11 mg per day.
Right now the typically dose of dexfenfluramin is two 15mg tablets. And
dexfen is twice as strong as fenfluramine. So the dosage level of both of
these are generally too high for a patch system.

Millenium , a biotech company in Cambridge , MA is doing research on 5-6
different mechanisms controlling weight. However, they are focused on some
sort of gene therapy  or derivative thereof.  The FDA will permit that
perhaps right after researchers find a cure for cancer, AIDS and the
common cold. 

Fat substitutes and inhibitors of gastric lipases are also another route
for weight reduction. 

There is also thermogenic compounds that might be weight control drugs.

Then there is chromium supplements. Helps turn fat to muscle .... maybe.

Good luck. For more info contact me again.

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