B complex Megadose

Timothy Skellett skellett at ling.uni-duesseldorf.de
Tue Oct 4 06:16:10 EST 1994

On 1 Oct 1994 13:55:55 GMT, 
Raymond Luxury Yacht  <ryacht at stu.rpi.edu> wrote:

>Can harm be done to the CNS by taking megadoses of B complex vitmains?
>I'm talking about taking 6 or 7 B-100 capsules, which contain at least 100mg
>of each B vitamin, plus some choline and other factors.
Too much B6 tends to do nasty things to your peripheral nerves, especially 
your proprioceptive system (i.e. numbness of hands and feet, to a bad 
degree). Such damage is mostly reversible (i.e. stay off B6 for a while) 
but why do it in the first place?
skellett at ling.uni-duesseldorf.de

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