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: In some cases, I believe that inhibition of GABA-A receptors may reduce 
: epileptic formation in the hippocampus.  Perhaps that's why people use 
: picrotoxin in their LTP experiments.

I thought GABA blockers increase the likelihood of seizure activity. I've 
heard people who do LTP experiments refer half-seriously to "the fine 
line between studying learning and epilepsy."

The reason these drugs are used in slice experiemnts is that they 
facilitate the induction of LTP. This phenomenon was one of the earlier
pieces of evidence for a postynpatic mechanism of LTP induction (e.g. 
Wigstrom H & Gustafsson B (1983) Nature 301:603). 

I was under the impression that the "disinhibited slice" prep was 
becoming less popular, and more folks were choosing to do their 
experiments drug-free.

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