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Thu Oct 6 09:09:28 EST 1994

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>Did anyone see this brain series? Do you think it would make a good 
>teaching resource? What did you think of the contents? The graphics were 
>really amazing...

>Hiro Amano


>  totoro at      Milky Way

Although I had some serious dislikes about the scientific content of
some of their animations, (neurotransmitters going into the post-synaptic
cell via ion channels) the animations were outstanding.  The series
would clearly be accessible for introductory level teaching and would
appeal to a lot fo students.  It was a very interesting series and will
be an interesting one to watch in 10-20 years as we gain more knowledge.
I give the graphics an A, the content a C.  Neurotransmitters 'bonding'
to receptors??  Come on, David.

Paul L. Pearson

BTW, the series can be ordered on VHS for $49.95 by credit card at
1-800-587-1818, or by mail at PO Box 55742 Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 



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