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I had two bibliographies bound into my thesis (which I have submitted at
last!). These list books and papers that I felt would be useful to anyone
continuing the work, or starting afresh in a similar area. 

   Annotated Bibliography. 
   Thin Film Microelectrodes. 
      Array Type Microelectrodes. 
      Probe Type Microelectrodes. 
      Regeneration Electrodes. 
      Miscellaneous Microelectrodes. 
      Known Deficiencies. 
   Intrafascicular Electrodes. 

Thin Film Microelectrodes.

This bibliography lists the publications describing thin film microelectrodes
that were collected over the duration of this project. 

The publications are listed in alphabetical order by first authors surname.
They have been split into four general groups; array type microelectrodes,
probe type microelectrodes, regeneration electrodes, and a miscellaneous
category. Array type microelectrodes are planar devices, with many small
recording sites arrayed across them. These are generally designed to serve as
the bottom of a cell culture dish so that the electrical activity of cultured
cells (or cells placed onto the array) can be monitored, or cells may be
electrically stimulated. Probe type microelectrodes are also planar devices
and have the recording sites sited on long thin shanks which are inserted into
the tissue under investigation. Regeneration electrodes are perforated devices.
These are placed between the two ends of a severed peripheral nerve trunk, and
electrical signals are recorded from nerve fibres which regenerate through the
perforations (the fibres can also be electrically stimulated). The miscellaneous
category is for devices that do not fall neatly into any of the other
categories. Many of these miscellaneous devices are three dimensional rather
than planar constructions. 

Known Deficiencies in the Thin Film Microelectrode Bibliography.

I hope to be able to keep the bibliography reasonably up to date. At the moment
it is a few months behind, since I have been concentrating on completing my
thesis. I hope to rectify this as soon as I get a chance to check Journals,
Indices, and Abstracts. 

I have copies of nearly all the papers, books, theses, etc, listed here. The
few that I do not have copies of are either in the library, or I have seen a
copy at some time. Unfortunately some items are difficult for me to obtain,
and these known deficiences include: 

   Work from European Groups. In particular I am missing papers from the
   group at Leuven (Belgium). I am trying to rectify this. 

   Work from Japanese Groups. I am aware of some work being carried out in
   Japan. Two papers written in Japanese are listed in the bibliography (I do
   not have English translations of these). I am sure that there is more work
   being carried out in Japan than apparent from the few references listed. 

If your work does not appear in the bibliography, please contact me by e-mail
<eep1db at>. Please send full citations, and I will add your work
to the bibliography when I am able to obtain a copy. 

Sending me reprints of your work would facilitate its inclusion. Reprints can
be sent to me at: 

        Danny Banks.
        Biomedical Engineering Group
        Department of Mechanical Engineering
        University of Surrey
        Surrey. GU2 5XH

Also, any feedback (via e-mail) on the bibliography would be very much


I would like to thank Professors K Wise and K Najafi (University of Michigan,
Ann Arbor), and Dr W Rutten and Dr J Meier (University of Twente, Netherlands)
for copies of theses and reprints of their work. I would like to thank Martin
Bogdan (Universitat Tubingen, Germany) for reprints. 

Danny Banks. 

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5 October 1994

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