Thin Film Microelectrodes (Part 0/7)

Danny Banks D.Banks at
Thu Oct 6 07:43:35 EST 1994

Following my recent post regarding thin film microelectrodes, I have had
a couple of requests in e-mail for copies. At the moment our news feed is
broken, so I can't see any follow-ups that have been posted (although it
seems that I can still post to groups).

For those interested, but without access to the web, I thought I may as
well post the thin film microelectrode bibliography. I have also
included some references to intrafascicular electrodes, and a simple
introduction to my own work (although it was written 2 years ago, and so is
a bit out of date).

There are seven parts to follow this.

I have more information available on my web pages:

Some of the documents contain images, so it's best if you can look at them
with mosaic (or similar).

There are a number of public web readers which you can telnet to (although
they won't display the text). The list below is from Yanoff's Internet
Services list (get a copy by sending e-mail to bbslist at

 -World-Wide Web        telnet or telnet  (USA [NJ])
			telnet or  (USA [KA])
			telnet   (Login: lynx) [NETHERLANDS]
			telnet (Login: lynx) [AUSSIE]
			telnet or telnet    [SWISS]
			telnet or telnet    [ISRAEL]
			telnet or telnet [SLOVAKIA]
			telnet or telnet      [TAIWAN]
offers: Access to various documents, lists, and services. (Login: www)
Recommended get Web client from: ftp (cd /pub/www)
Recommended get Mosaic client from: ftp (cd /pub/Mosaic)

Hope this is helpful.


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