Discovery Brain Series

Veda Larson veda at
Sun Oct 9 17:26:27 EST 1994

In article <rambis.781154086 at> rambis at (Paul L Pearson) writes:
>The Discovery channel began a miniseries on the brain tonight.  The
>computer animation was awesome, even if the content was somewhat below
>the neuroscientists level.  All in all, a good beginning.  I believe
>that there are more episodes to this series coming up.  Try 9:00 ET on
>the Discovery channel tomorrow eveining.

Has anyone taped "The Brain" program from Mon 10/3 and Tue 10/2?
Unfortunately I missed most of it, but what I did see was pretty good.
Is there anyone in the San Diego area who has a tape and would be
willing to loan it?  Thanks in advance,
Veda Larson
veda at

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