Human neuroscience tutorial program

michele collett mcollett at
Sat Oct 8 22:03:33 EST 1994

J. A. Kiernan (jkiernan at wrote:

>  This might interest anyone who has to learn or teach about the
>  human nervous system.

>   NEUROTUT.EXE (357528 bytes)
>   is a self-extracting LHA archive that
>   installs the program files.

>   NRO  Human Neuroscience Tutorial, Version
>    1.05 (May 1994).  When installed on a hard
>    disk (needs 582 KB) it provides eight
>    Neuroanatomy tutorials a    that cover the whole of Human

hi there.

Thanks for this posting. I just downloaded and think it is a fantastic study
tool for my neuropsych classes as well as giving me easy explanations
for topics that the professor hasn't covered but I find interesting
and useful to get a broader understanding of the subject.

I am going to suggest it to all of my professors in the neuroscience field
as an extra learning tool for students.

P.S. can you answer my ? in re glutamate and huntingtons article?

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