Directory by city and institution

Tom A. Blanpied blanpied at
Sun Oct 9 11:24:40 EST 1994

I'm a graduate student nearing completion of my PhD and am looking for 
postdocs.  My wife and I will be looking for jobs together, and so some 
of my search is directed towards particular cities.  To this end, it would
be extremely handy to have a directory of some sort which lists 
neuroscience-related faculty city by city and hopefully also by institution.  

The Society for Neuroscience Directory does part of this, but since it's a 
membership listing, there are far more students and postdocs listed than 
faculty.  In larger cities, it ends up being not very productive to weed 
through 300 or more names.  The Assoc. of Neurosci. Depts and Programs also
I have heard has a similar listing, but that association doesn't represent
even all the major research institutions in the country.

Does anyone know of a listing (electronic or paper) of neuroscience faculty 
by city?


Tom Blanpied

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