Choline and memory enhancement?

Harry Erwin herwin at vanish
Tue Oct 11 13:35:29 EST 1994

Harry Erwin (herwin at vanish) wrote:
: Shaun D. Carstairs (shaunc at wrote:
: : Has anyone heard of the potential memory-enhancing abilities of choline
: : supplements (i.e., have any studies been published regarding this subject)?

: Mortimer Mishkin (NIH) talked at Radford about the evidence his lab has
: developed for two memory systems, the cortical-limbic system, which is
: modulated by acetylcholine, involves the hippocampus, has feedback to
: the sensory areas, and functions cognitively, and the cortical-striatal
: system, which is modulated instead by dopamine, involves the hippocampus,
: appears to be one-way, and functions behaviorally (never forgetting).

Whoops!!!! The cortical-striatal system involves the -->amygdala<--....

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