Help with ICVC injections!!!!

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Wed Oct 12 12:11:06 EST 1994

Philippe Lebrun (plebrun at wrote:
> In article <1994Oct11.134318.1 at rand>, wismerc at rand writes:
> |> I am currently trying to work with intracerebralventricular cannulated
> |> rats, and am having trouble doing the actual injections.  Is there some
> |> trick to handling the rats and the syringe? I'd appreciate any and all
> |> help (suggestions?).  Please post or send e-mail.  Thanks in advance!!

> 	Have you tried putting a long piece of rigid plastic tubing between
> the rat and the syringe? That way you don't have to handle both at once.

_Rigid_ tubing?? We use PE and it is definitely flexible.

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