Help with ICVC injections!!!!

Wed Oct 12 11:06:25 EST 1994


On 12 Oct 1994, Philippe Lebrun wrote:

> In article <1994Oct11.134318.1 at rand>, wismerc at rand writes:
> |> I am currently trying to work with intracerebralventricular cannulated
> |> rats, and am having trouble doing the actual injections.  Is there some
> |> trick to handling the rats and the syringe? I'd appreciate any and all
> |> help (suggestions?).  Please post or send e-mail.  Thanks in advance!!
> 	Have you tried putting a long piece of rigid plastic tubing between
> the rat and the syringe? That way you don't have to handle both at once.

Why not *flexible* tubing (eg. silastic)?  This technique works well for 
us.  Also, precision air-tight microliter syringes (eg. Hamilton GC 
syringes) work best.  These fit nicely into various syringe pumps and the 
parameters of the injection are then held more constant then possible when 
done by hand.  These pumps (eg. BAS CMA pumps) allow injections to be made 
over a much longer time interval and can be used in conjunction with awake, 
freely moving animals without much difficulty.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Ferraro

> -philippe

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