LTP and excitotoxicity

Kanning2 kanning2 at
Fri Oct 14 17:34:04 EST 1994

There seems to be a fragile balance among NMDA receptors and there ability
to either potentiate synaptic efficacy (LTP), possibly by a mechanism
invoking Nitric Oxide or some sort of other Ca++ related event, and the
excitotoxic effect brought about as a possible overstimulation of these
receptors by Glutamate.  I'd be interested in hearing anyone's ideas about
how the various components of NMDA activation (such as MG++ block, glycine
modulation, NO, CO, Ca++ second messengers, etc.) may lead to the chronic
cell death in many neurodegenerative disorders, and also why this might
have an evolutionary partnership with LTP (memory).  

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