Neural Processing Letters Vol.1 No.1

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Fri Oct 14 12:09:35 EST 1994

The following articles may be found in the first issue of the "Neural
Processing Letters" journal (September 1994):

- Fast learning with incremental RBF networks
     B. Fritzke
- Fractal variations of attractors in complex-valued neural networks
     A. Hirose
- Basic mechanisms of coding stimulus intensity in olfactory sensory neuron
     P. Lansky, J.-P. Rospars, A. Vermeulen
- A way to improve an architecture of neural network classifier for remote
sensing applications
     J. Korczak, F. Hammadi-Mesmoudi
- Intelligent judge network for speech recognition
     D.-S. Kim
- An on-line learning algorithm for the orthogonal weight estimation of MLP
     N. Pican, J.-C. Fort, F. Alexandre
- Texture segmentation using pyramidal Gabor functions and self-organising
feature maps
     A. Guerin-Dugue, P.M. Palagui
- Book review: Neural network time series forecasting of financial markets
(E.M. Azoff)
     E. De Bodt

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