>Religion and brain

Peter Heytler heytler at strauss.udel.edu
Fri Oct 14 13:15:38 EST 1994

In article <mah1002-121094141112 at mac110.nmus.pwf.cam.ac.uk>,
Mark Hayes <mah1002 at phx.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> ... there actually seems to be a very small chunk of brain
>which might be	called a "religious stabilizing module". In rare cases 
>where this area was destroyed, the victims could change what seemed to be
>deeply held religious beliefs several times a week.

 I wonder whether there is a relation to the Phineas Gage case, the subject
of a review article in the 20 MAY 1994 issue of Science, by Damasio et al.
In this case, traumatic ablation of retrospectively definable brain
regions produced personality changes including total loss of previously
held religious beliefs.   [SCIENCE 1994, 264, 1102-1104]
--Peter G. Heytler

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