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Susan Koester Koester at
Fri Oct 14 20:07:27 EST 1994

In article <blanpied.44.000B699C at> Tom A. Blanpied,
blanpied at writes:
> Does anyone know of a listing (electronic or paper) of neuroscience
> by city?

I had a similar problem recently.  One thing I found was that you can get
into an NIH server (via Mosaic, in my case) and search NIH grants by city
and keywords.  Thus, for example you can find people in, say, Boston who
work on neural development.  Again, this limits you to people who are
funded by the NIH.  An added bonus, however, is that you can read their
grant summary.  And for anyone who is worried by this, take comfort in
the fact that they aren't very recent updates-- the grants I was looking
at were funded in 1992.
Good Luck.

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