*** Papers on Stuttering and DSA ***

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Sat Oct 15 15:56:58 EST 1994

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:  From: Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, Ph.D.
:  Recently we have presented 2 papers in Munich , Germany during 
:  "1-st World Congress on Fluency Disorders" (August 8-12, 1994).
:  Papers describe our new theory of stuttering, why auditory 
:  feedback techniques work, why some are more effective. Also we
:  describe our clinical results with DSA - Digital Speech Aid.
:  If you would like to receive copy of these papers, please send
:  to us your E-mail and full name and address.
:"There are very few people in this world who ever ask the right
: questions of science, and they are the ones who effect its future
: most profoundly"  Philip Anderson, Nobel Laureate, Princeton Univ.

I would love to read your work, Dr. Roland-Mieszkowski! My address is Box
200772, New Haven, CT 06520-0772, or if you like, you can simply send the
paper via email. Thank you very much.

                                           ---Ashish Ranpura
                                              Yale University

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