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Sun Oct 16 05:14:46 EST 1994

plebrun at (Philippe Lebrun) writes:

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>|> > 	Have you tried putting a long piece of rigid plastic tubing between
>|> > the rat and the syringe? That way you don't have to handle both at once.
>|> _Rigid_ tubing?? We use PE and it is definitely flexible.

>	Sorry, I didn't mean completely rigid, but rather stiff enough to
>resist expanding under pressure, like PE. I think silastic might be a little
>weak, depending on the length you use.

I can't resist butting in here. I'm sure I'm by no means an
expert on this technique but I do believe I was the first to
do it - published in Nature (1960) 187: 245. I used PE then,
but subsequently found nylon was more shapeable by warming
so that it could be narrowed at the tip by stretching to
enable it to enter the cannula without hassle. Nowadays
I cant see why everybody doesnt use the Plastic Products
version which screws into place. Get their catalog from
POB 12004, Roanoke VA 24022. But they are expensive.

L Jacob Herberg (LHERBERG at ION.BPMF.AC.UK)

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