need data of neuronal unit recording

gengxin chen gchen at
Sun Oct 16 21:57:05 EST 1994

I am doing a project relating to signal processing of neuronal unit
recordings (either multiple or single unit recording). I have done some
work on simulation with synthesized spikes and would like to try some
real ones. I'll appreciate it very much if anyone could tell me if there
are any archives of such data files (recording sampled with analog-to-digital
convertor) in the net, which I can reach via either ftp, gopher or www
tools. I am perticularly interested in simple and complex spikes of
Purkinje cells in cerebellum and spikes of pyramidal cells and delta
cells in hippocampus.

Thanks in advance.

Gengxin Chen
Program in Neural Sciences
Indiana University at Bloomington
IN 47405, USA

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