New FES-L discussion group

Aleksandar Kostov kostov at
Mon Oct 17 15:14:28 EST 1994

I  would  like  to  announce  a  new  discussion group in the form of an
automated mailing list using LISTSERV on Internet. The list was  started
in  September  1994  and  has already attracted more than 90 researchers
from 14 countries. Please share this information  with  those who may be
interested in subscribing to the list.

This  list  (FES-L)  should  serve  the  members  of  international  FES
(Functional   Electrical   Stimulation)   community   allowing  them  to
communicate their ideas, results and experiences in the fastest and most
efficient way. FES is the use of electrical current to obtain controlled
activation of the neuromuscular system, resulting in  movement,  sensory
response  or  therapeutic  effects. The members of the FES community are
engineers  (rehabilitation  eng.,  electrical  eng.,  mechanical   eng.,
prosthetists,  orthotists,  etc.),  clinicians  (orthopedists, surgeons,
physiotherapists, occupational therapists, etc.) and technicians. At the
moment there is no other discussion  group  or  automated  mailing  list 
which is dedicated to  problems in this field. Members are encouraged to 
present their current problems, to respond to questions asked by others,  
to present in electronic form their most recent results, and to advertise
job openings.  The  ultimate  goal  of  this  discussion  group  is  the
promotion  of  FES  as an efficient tool in the rehabilitation of people
with lesions in their neuromuscular system.

FES-L is an open, free of charge, unmoderated list, which  means  anyone
can  subscribe  to  it  and  then mail to it. However, abusive language,
flames   (personal   attacks   against   individuals)   or    commercial
solicitations will not be tolerated.

Basic commands to subscribe, send messages and sign off are as follows:

1. TO SUBSRIBE to the list send the following message: 
                      SUBSCRIBE FES-L YourFirstName YourFamilyName 
                      LISTSERV at UALTAVM.BITNET
Note: leave Subject line empty.  

2.  TO  SEND  YOUR  CONTRIBUTIONS  to  the  list  send your message with
appropriate Subject to:
		      FES-L at VM.UCS.UALBERTA.CA or	

3. TO LEAVE the list send the following message: 
                      UNSUBSCRIBE FES-L 
                      LISTSERV at UALTAVM.BITNET

More details about LISTSERV commands are included in the welcome message
which will be sent to you upon subscription.

Happy FES-networking!

FES-L list coordinator

* ALEKSANDAR KOSTOV                    E-mail: KOSTOV at CS.UALBERTA.CA       *
* Division of Neuroscience                     AKOSTOV at GPU.SRV.UALBERTA.CA *
* University of Alberta	               phone:  (403) 492-5091              *
* 513 Heritage Medical Research Ctre.  fax:    (403) 492-1617              *
* EDMONTON, AB, T6G 2S2, CANADA                                            *

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