Trigeminal Neuralgia

William Calvin wcalvin at
Mon Oct 17 11:11:37 EST 1994

>more aggressive invasive surgery.  Your mother being 50 may be suitable for
>the latter surgery.  This is known as microvascular decompression surgery in
>which the skull is opened to approach the trigeminal nerve in order to
>relieve pressure being placed by an artery (or vein).  There is reportedly
>an 80-90% success rate in relieving tn pain initially but there is some debate
>as to the long term relief although generally it is quite good.   A main center
>in the  US is Presbyterian Hosp., Univ of Pittsburgh Sch of Medicine.  Dr.
>Peter Janetta has perfected this procedure and is a specialists in tn.  I assum
>e your mother has had a battery of tests to rule out the chance of a tumor,
>aneurysm, or multiple sclerosis since these are potential cause of tn.  If not,
>she should.  Best of luck to your mother.
>David Aker, Ph.D.
>Temple Unvi. Sch of Medicine
>Dept of Anat and Cell Biology  fdaker at

That's a good summary.  There is an interesting book for general readers 
called WORKING IN A VERY SMALL PLACE that is about the trigeminal 
neuralgia surgery and Peter jannetta.  Mark Shelton is the author and it 
came out about 1987.
    William H. Calvin  WCalvin at

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