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>  I caught just part of a story on CNN describing a study that related serotonin
>to food consumption.  The woman from MIT was interviewed, but I didn't
>catch her name.  Can someone please give me any more info on this study,
>especially where and when it was published?
>thanks a lot,
>Dick Burger
Sarah Leibowitz at Rockefeller has a fascinating research program exploring
the roles of different brain pathways and signals regulating intake of
carbohydrates and fats. With regard to serotonin, she finds that it inhibits
intake of carbohydrates. This work has been reviewed recently:
Leibowitz, S.R., Hypothalamic serotonin in relation to appetite for
macronutrients and eating disorders. In Vanhoutte et al. (eds.), Serotonin,
383-391, 1993 (Kluwer Acad. Publ.)
Leibowitz, S.R., Diurnal rhythms in neurochemical-neuroendocrine systems
controlling nutrient intake and energy metabolism. In Nakagawa, H. et al. (eds.),
New Functional Aspects of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the Hypothalamus,
159-167, 1993 (John Libbey & Comp., Ltd.)

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