memory for pictures

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>>Subject: memory for pictures
>>Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:03:36
>>Keywords: memory, retention, standardized tests
>>I am seeking a standardized test to examine long term (i.e. more than 2 weeks)
>>recognition memory for pictures of common objects.  If you know of such a
>>test, please reply by email to pgraf at
>   If they are common objects, won't you remember what
>   they are even without looking at pictures?
>                                              J.A.K.
Not necessarily.  We develop mental models.  It is likely that a code
may be available to state the time when the model was updated.  The
angle and shading of the stimulus could be different from the model.
So a good test of memory functions could be conducted with such proceedures.
Ron Blue

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