Watermaze software

colinh at psychology.leeds.ac.uk colinh at psychology.leeds.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 12:32:21 EST 1994

Isn't one of the articles of the net that there should
be no advertising? Stick to the usual meduia guys, before
others start following your example - of course, if 
your giving the stuff away...?

In article <383jpc$ugb at trex.iend.wau.nl> noldus at rcl.wau.nl writes:
>In response to M. Cousson-Read's question:
>We have developed a system called "EthoVision" to automate all sorts of 
>behavioral tests, including the water maze. For a detailed brochure, contact 
>me at the address below.
>Best regards,
>Lucas Noldus
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