Basic reference for auditory cortex

Susan Koester Koester at
Fri Oct 21 18:47:11 EST 1994

In article <3864bh$rht at> Stephane Durand, durand at
> Our work is to design neuromimetic architecture for speech recognition
> computer. To achive our goal, we take inspiration in neurobiological
> data. It seems that cortex is organized with different areas each of
> them having a particular fonctionality. For instance, the primary area 
> of visual cortex extracts visual features such as orientations. 
> Regarding the auditory cortex, at the lower level, I believe we can
> tonotopically organized maps. What kind of maps can we find at a upper
> Or, how can the word level be represented? 
> Does it exist an organized area coding words (or syllables, phonemes)?

Steve Peterson, Mark Raichle and colleagues have done some related work
on word recognition, mostly in visual but also in auditory cortex, I

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