Seizures and death after ibotenate lesions

James Blackburn blackbur at
Tue Oct 25 11:21:04 EST 1994

  What are the best ways of avoiding seizures and death following 
excitotoxic lesions?  
  I've been trying to do ibotenic acid lesions of the ventrolateral 
striatum.  Following a paper from Trevor Robbins' lab I've been injecting 
0.6ul of 10 ug/ul ibotenate at AP +.2, Lat 3.2, DV -6.5.  The rats are 
initially anesthetized with ketamine and xylazine.  Problem is that 
most of the rats experience severe seizures starting about two hours 
after surgery and die after a few hours or a day.  I've been treating the 
seizures as needed with .05 ml of 5mg/ml diazepam i.p.

Any suggestions how I could improve survival rate while still getting a 
thorough lesion would be greatly appreciated.

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