Post Hallucinogen Perceptual Disorder (PHPD)

Roy Baskind achilles at
Tue Oct 25 15:38:10 EST 1994

   When I was fourteen I took LSD three times, and the last time I
experienced horribly freightening PHPD which lasted about one year.
Occasionally, since then, I have had brief episodes now and then. But
basically, I was able to cope.I am now twenty-three and recently spent
last spring semester studying abroad. Out of the blue, the PHPD returned
and is still occuring. I have not taken any psychoactive substances since
I was fourteen.
   If anyone has any information that could help me--studies
done,specialists in the feild, or information on serotonin, LSD, or has
had any such experience with LSD causing this kind of problem, please
contact me. 

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