Tue Oct 25 13:28:06 EST 1994

The paper from Gurney et al., Science 264 (5166): 1772-5 (1994) Describes
a motor neuron degeneration in mice that is expressed by a human Cu, Zn
superoxide dismutase mutation. This apparently occurs in around 20% of cases
with familial ALS. There is also a commentary in the same Science issue
that might help you in obtaining previous literature.

On the treatment side the paper by Mitsumoto et al., Science 265: 1107-1110
might update you in recent advances alleviating the motor neuron disease
of the wobbler mice (a proposed animal model for ALS) using neurotrophic 
factors. Again the commentary in the Perspective section of the same Science 
issue is quite interesting.

Francisco J. Alvarez

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