Roy Baskind achilles at
Wed Oct 26 10:14:12 EST 1994


I am temporarily unable to read articles from my machine. I don't know if
a message such as this has already been posted by Louis BLW at utexas.
Anyway, I have a friend who used LSD on two or three ocassions about 10
years ago. He has not done so since. Immeadiately after use, he
experienced what he now believes to be "Post Hallucogen Perceptual
Disorder." This consisted, as I understand, of pseudo-hallucinations and
on a somewhat daily basis. This activity subsided, with occasional
episodes, but he functioned normaly. Recently this past year (now ten
years later), the PHPD has returned in quite severe and more frequent
episodes. This new bout began after an anxiety attack while studying
It is believed his anxiety is somehow related to the re-occurance.
He is really suffering. If you know anything that could let to getting him
help, please contact me, or more directly you may call him collect--

(512)323-6242, ask for Louis.


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