Neurofibromatosus - info wanted please

Michael Herd herdm at
Wed Oct 26 17:25:05 EST 1994

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who has Neurofibromatosus.  My friend is
female and about 22 years old.  We know that this is a
condition where tumours of the peripheral nerves can
develop.  My friend has had tumours removed from her arm
and throat, and also from one optic nerve.  Despite these
problems she is in otherwise very good health with only
one small tumour in her arm in recent years.

Does anyone have up to date information about living with
Neurofibromatosus?  Are there practical things we can do
to help?  Information on support groups in New Zealand
or Australia would be great, but we would still like to
hear from further afield.  Medical/Scientific information
would also be appreciated, but we may get back to you with
questions :-)

Please reply to me at the address below or leave messages
in the bionet.neuroscience newsgroup.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Herd.

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