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>what sorts of neurological problems might show up after long-term mild
>CO exposure, say three years of 1 hour a day car exhaust that produced 
>mild headaches, 4 days a week.  
>Would there be any characteristic EEG, MRI artifacts?  Would some of the 
>damage be reversible?  (perhaps up to two years due to plasticity of 

I have a paper by Bell et al (Biol Psychiatry 1992;32:218-242), which
is entitled "An Olfactory-Limbic Model of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Syndrome: Possible Relationships to Kindling and Affective Spectrum
I read it a couple of years ago, but from what I remember (and from the
abstract), there is evidence that intermittent (but long term) exposure
to low level environmental toxins can induce limbic kindling in animals.
The chemicals are either ingested or inhaled (through the nose, I believe).
The authors discuss all kinds of ties to affective disorders and so forth.
I don't remember if there is any speculation on what the changes in EEG
would be or even the prognosis for reversal.

I have thought of doing an EEG study on this, but since the exposures
are below the accepted safe levels, I'd want to be really sure I wasn't
exposing either myself or other people in the lab to these potentially
dangerous substances.

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