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Kent Fitzgerald GD 1994 kentfitz at minerva.cis.yale.edu
Sat Oct 29 17:59:17 EST 1994

Stephan Anagnostaras (stephan at hannibal.psych.ucla.edu) wrote:
: Sure, these are all good texts, especially if you are a more molecular
: or cellular type.  If you are also interested in behavior, consider
: these introductory texts:

: 1) very introductory: Biological Psychology (Kalat)
: 2) less introductory: Physiology of Behavior (for some reason, I
:      am forgetting the name right now)

The author is Neil Carlson, who also wrote an excellent text called
Physiological Psychology. I think Phys of Beh is the more advanced of the 
two, although there appears to be quite a bit of overlap in content.

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