Looking for good intro neuro text

David dhe at er1.rutgers.edu
Sun Oct 30 17:41:14 EST 1994

>consider these introductory texts:

>1) very introductory: Biological Psychology (Kalat)
>2) less introductory: Physiology of Behavior (for some reason, I
>     am forgetting the name right now)

The name on that latter one is Neil Carlson.  The Carlson text is
superb--detailed, current, and very friendly.  The Kalat text,
however, has much better illustrations.  I'd recommend reading
Carlson's words while looking at Kalat's pictures.

The newest editions of the Carlson and Kalat books, by the way, are
each fifth editions, copyrighted 1994 and 1995 (!), respectively.

--David Epstein
  dhe at eden.rutgers.edu

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