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Mon Oct 31 15:33:07 EST 1994

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Subject: Neurofibromatosis II
Distribution: world
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology

I am a 23 year old male with NF 2.  I am very interested in the latest
research in this area.  I do not read this group much because of the 
indepth technical nature of most of the topics discussed.  I am a
computer science major not a doctor, but I'll be sharing and
discussing any information sent with my doctor, Raymond L. Capps,
a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please send any and all replies via E-Mail.  I am VERY interested
in this subject, since it affects me personally!!!  I am especially
interested in the cutting edge genetic "engineering" stuff.  I would 
like to get as many responses as possible.

The following is a brief medical history/summary.

I had bilateral acoustic neuromas, and lost all hearing on the left
side as the result of an unsuccessful posterior cranialfossa resection.
I have multiple intercranial tumors:  2 on the left 7th, one on the right
8th, one on the right 5th, and one larger tumor in the area slightly lower
than the hypoglossal/vagus complex.

I also have 5-6 tumors up and dowm the spinal cord.  The largest being at
the level of L4/L5.

The intercranial tunors have remained reletively stable since diagnosis
in March of 1990.  The spinal tumors were stable up until this past year
in which some of the doubled in size.

I deal with my medical problems VERY, VERY well, and as stated earlier
I like to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

If you would like any further medical info on me just ask.

Thanks in advance for ALL of the replies!!!!

Chris Blansit
gt2390c at

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